Carey Academy @ All Ireland Championships 2013

The Waterfront, Belfast was the setting for the All Ireland Championships 2013. Carey Academy has returned with 4 champions!
Well done to all our dancers who competed and danced their best, especially to our 2 solo champions -
U9 Boys Patrick McGonigle and U13 Girls Beth Monaghan. 
Two of our teams are also All Ireland Champions - Junior Girls Ceili team and Junior 3 Hand Team - well done to all!

These are all the results from the weekend:-
U9  Boys Patrick McGonigle 1st
U13 Girls Beth Monaghan 1st
Junior Girls Ceili 1st
Junior Subsidiary Team 3 Hand Reel 1st
U10 Girls Erin McPolin 2nd
U14 Boys John Whitehurst 2nd
U17 Boys Mitchell Hodges 2nd
U17 Boys Michael Underwood 3rd
U19 Ladies Fiona Shellum 6th
U11 Boys Daragh McKinney 10th
U11 Boys Ewan McCarthy 11th
U13 Boys Rory Doherty 11th
U16 Girls Grace McCarthy 12th
U17 Girls Nicole Cadinot 14th
U18 Ladies Aine Conway 14th
U14 Girls Cleona Haughton Brown 20th
U15 Girls Ellie Hodges 21st
U16 Girls Megan Bull 22nd