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Belfast 2012 - World Champions and Top 5 in the World!

The Carey Academy has returned from the World Championships in Belfast with 3 World Titles! The Carey Academy is the most successful Irish dancing school in England and is in the top 5 in the World!

Along with the 3 World titles, the dancers achieved 10 top 5 places.

The Carey Academy Gain C.I.C Status

The Carey Academy C.I.C was incorporated on 12 October 2011. It has been set up to produce ideas to create a social structure within 'The Studio'  (dance premises) to enhance the lives of those that use it. It is proposed to incorporate all forms of dance and fitness classes for people of all ages and abilities.  

The Carey Academy Launch New Website

This project consisted of the overhaul of the existing website design enabling The Carey Academy to bring its online brand in line with all other marketing material.

The website was designed using HTML 5 which gives developers more flexibility which enables more exciting and interactive websites more power and efficient applications.

The newly created site resulted in a major surge in quality search engine results for relevant keywords on all major search engines.