Belfast 2012 - World Champions and Top 5 in the World!

The Carey Academy has returned from the World Championships in Belfast with 3 World Titles! The Carey Academy is the most successful Irish dancing school in England and is in the top 5 in the World!

Along with the 3 World titles, the dancers achieved 10 top 5 places.

John Whitehurst, aged 12 and Caolan McKeating-Lynch, aged 17, both won their solo competitions. This is John Whitehurst second as succesful attempt at the position of World Champion, his first win being in 2010. Caolan relocated to England from Ireland to study and moved to the Carey Academy so he can continue his dancing, this is the third time has won the World Championships.

The other World title was won by the Junior Girls Figure team - dancing a 4 minute choreographed story called 'Ladies Day' which is about the Galway races. This is the second year running this team has won.

The rest of the top five results:

  • U16 Boys Mitch Hodges 2nd
  • U13 Mixed Minor Ceili 2nd
  • U13 Minor Girls Figure 2nd
  • U13 Minor Girls Ceili 3rd
  • U12 Girls Beth Monaghan 4th
  • U16 Junior Girls Ceili 4th
  • U19 Ladies 16-19 Ceili 5th

Well done to the rest of the solo dancers who qualified and danced, in itself is such an achievement.

These are the rest of the results for the dancers who recalled and placed:

  • U19 Girls Bobbie Trotter 8th (WMH)
  • U12 Boys Rory Doherty 12th (WMH)
  • U16 Nicole Cadinot 14th (WMH)
  • U18 Girls Fiona Shellum 18th (WMH)
  • U20 Girls Fallon McMenamin 19th
  • U19 Girls Emily Monaghan 21st
  • U17 Girls Aine Conway 23rd
  • U18 Ebonie Cotton 29th
  • U13 Girls Cleona Haughton-Brown 36th

Finally – well done to all the Carey Academy dancers who represented the school at the World Championships, all your hard work paid off as we had a brilliant set of results,  you should be very proud of yourselves!